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    Different Types of Lifting Slings & What They Are Used For

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    Different Types of Lifting Slings & What They Are Used For

    Lifting slings are one of the most commonly used forms of lifting equipment and an essential method for the effective and secure completion of lifts. Like several other forms of lifting equipment, lifting slings may be used for growing capability, and providing added support for larger loads.

    What Are The Different Kinds of Lifting Sling?

    • Duplex Webbing Slings
    • EWL Round Slings
    • Endless Flat Slings
    • Ultralift with Dyneema Slings
    • Suhbo Roundslings

    How Does Each Lifting Sling Work, How Are They Used & What Are The Differences Between Them?

    Duplex Webbing Slings

    Our duplex slings are made from high-grade double thickness webbing. They are finished with becket eyes and strengthened during the lifting to protect the eye from injury. They offer lightness and suppleness, thus eliminating the risk of sling or load injury. Duplex webbing slings can easily be modified to lift difficult shapes or a host of different shaped objects. They have a high level of flexibility and are simple to put around materials you intended to lift. Duplex slings can be used in many various configurations for lifting.

    EWL Round Slings

    An EWL round sling is a versatile, convenient, and cost-effective way to lift a variety of cargo. EWL Polyester round slings are made from a continuous loop of polyester yarn and are covered with resilient polyester that is colour-coded by it’s lifting capacity.

    Endless Flat Slings

    Endless lifting slings are among the most efficient on the market. They can be continuously rotated to have an endless number of contact points from which to raise the load. Endless lifting slings and straps can be used with chokers, basket hitches and vertical hitches.       

    Ultralift With Dyneema Slings

    Some of our ultralift round slings are made of Dyneema, which is the strongest fibre in the world. Over the last decade, Ultralift Round Slings have become an important lifting tool for specialized and heavy lifting operations. In more demanding areas, the material has demonstrated to be a perfect replacement for steel wire ropes and chains.

    Suhbo Roundslings

    Round Slings are endless yarn strings, lined with a knit tubular jacket. Our range of round slings can lift between 1 and 30 tonnes anywhere, so obviously, the round sling is a better choice if you have to lift a load greater than 6 tonnes. All load-bearing polyester yarns in the round slings are fitted with a protective polyester sleeve, ensuring product longevity and protection when heavy loads are lifted

    There are hundreds if not thousands of applications for slings, not just lifting, but they can be used around the home and in working environments too. Thousands of businesses use lifting slings around the world and with the UK now expanding their market base in far away countries, lifting sling applications will be needed more than ever before.

    If you aren’t sure what lifting slings you need for your project or business then you can talk to the SBL team. We love helping people find the lifting equipment they need, we can give you more information about our slings by email or telephone.

    Contact us today (01793 615171) or visit our trade counter, let us know how we can help you.