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    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Our latest special offers here at SBL Services , no minimum spend, no carriage charges and offers available until the 31st March 2022! Products are subject to availability. SBL-Services-Winter-Offers-compressedDownload To place any orders please email sales@sblservices.co.uk or call the sales team on 01793 615171. ...

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    Lifting slings are one of the most commonly used forms of lifting equipment and an essential method for the effective and secure completion of lifts. Like several other forms of lifting equipment, lifting slings may be used for growing capability, and providing added support for larger loads. What Are The Different Kinds of Lifting Sling? Duplex Webbing SlingsEWL Round SlingsEndless Flat SlingsUltralift with Dyneema SlingsSuhbo Roundslings How Does...

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    V-belts are a low maintenance solution which are suitable for mid to high power belt drives, delivering a high level of efficiency. This makes v-belts amongst the most common components in modern machinery, found in almost every industry, from agriculture to pharmaceuticals. We have been speaking to our silver foxed, technical guru, Tony Brown about what exactly it is that causes premature v-belt failure in a range...

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    Choosing the right bearing puller for dismounting your bearings is critical. The safety and ease of removing the bearing will depend on the correct bearing puller being selected. In this article, we’ll explain the types of bearing puller available and how to decide which one is right for your application. What is a bearing puller? A bearing puller is a tool which is used to remove components such...

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    We are living in a 24/7, always-on world and the need for speed is a necessity.  A world where we expect and want everything now.  Many of us have become conditioned by the Amazon model, especially if we subscribe to Amazon Prime where we can manage and track our transaction online and next – or even same – day delivery is the norm. What has become the norm in our domestic life is rapidly impacting on our expectations at...

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