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    Refer a Colleague Campaign

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    Refer a Colleague Campaign

    We are now offering a refer a colleague campaign, if you work with or know someone who would benefit from our products and services then recommend us and you could both benefit from our campaign!

    How It Works!

    Simply put if you refer someone to us and they spend £500 with us by the end of June 2021 you will both receive a £50 voucher to be split equally and spend in your local pub or restaurant.

    Support your local business and we will support your local!

    T&C’s apply:

    • For any third party (who is not an employee of, or contracted to work for, SBL Services) who is familiar with SBL Services Limited and the services provided by SBL Services (the “referrer”), if anyone joins us and becomes a client (a “referred client”) on such referrers recommendation, the referrer and referred client will receive a £50 Gift Voucher to be spilt equally and support their chosen local pub or restaurant (a “referral incentive”) in accordance with these terms and conditions

    To be eligible to receive a referral incentive:

    A. the referred client must be an active client of SBL Services at the time the referral incentive is processed and spend £500.00 with us by the end of June 2021;

    B. the referred client must have paid within their payment terms agreed with SBL Services for the services they take from us on or before the date due for payment (even if they subsequently pay their bill the referrer won’t be entitled to a referral incentive associated with the service if payment is late); and

    C. the referrer has accurately provided SBL Services with its full name, business and address so SBL Services are aware of the referral when the referred client becomes a client of SBL Services

    • If the referrer is a client of SBL Services and does not pay in accordance with their agreed terms and conditions, the referrer will not be entitled to receive any referral incentive
    • The referral incentives are non-transferable
    • SBL Services reserve the right to refuse to accept a referral at our absolute discretion or in other circumstances where we reasonably suspect abusive or fraudulent activity has occurred
    • SBL Services respect our users’ privacy and your attention is drawn to our Privacy Policy The referred client must be notified and have consented to their details being passed to SBL Services for this scheme before the date of the referral. This is the responsibility of the referrer who hereby will indemnifies and holds SBL Services harmless for any loss or claim arising out of the referrer’s failure to procure such consent
    • SBL Services reserve the right to vary these terms and conditions and to terminate the scheme. Any such changes will normally be made via this page. It is your responsibility to remain informed as to any changes of the service via these pages and our normal channels of communication
    • By taking part in the referrals scheme you understand that SBL Services continuously monitor participation and will take action against suspected abusive or fraudulent activity or as is otherwise appropriate